Payment Options


We understand that every company has its own way of doing business. This is never more evident than in how you choose to pay for our services. We're committed to doing business with you on the most favorable terms. Thus, we offer several options for payment.


When ordering, you can choose any of the following:


  • Check or Money Order -- Please ensure that all checks are made payable to our company.
  • Venmo -- Digital wallet payment platform. 
  • PayPal -- Online payments may be made through this internet service. Additional processing fees may apply.
  • Credit Card -- A convenient payment option, especially when third-parties, such as home owners are involved.

More on Credit Card payments


Our company now accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card payments for any transaction. You can use this option to pay for single appraisals, multiple orders, or any of our other services. 


How does it work?


When you place an order on this site, just enter your credit card information into the Payment Information section of the order form. When you submit the order, your payment data is sent over a secure connection along with the other information. The order process does confirm you've entered a valid credit card number and prompts you to correct it if you made a mistake. However, your card won't be charged until after we've accepted the order.


Because your credit card information is sent along with your order, we don't have to worry about making a mistake by re-typing anything. Your contact information is brought over from your account on our web site. Once we settle on a fee, we simply enter the amount in your account and then charge your card. 


Is it safe?


Of course! Our web site is protected by industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This means that every sensitive communication between your computer and our web server is scrambled. So if any payment data gets illegally intercepted, it's completely unreadable! You can be sure that paying electronically is just as safe as doing business anywhere else on the Internet!


Naturally, if you just prefer not to enter your credit card information online, you're welcome to give us the card number over the phone. Or we can make arrangements to get a copy when we visit the property. We want to make sure we're doing business in a way that makes you comfortable.


If you have any questions about paying for services with a credit card, or any other payment option, please contact us.